Menu, menu, menu (Price Revised)! 

3 Sep

Here is our updated menu. The price has changed from our last post. Please note the price change. There is exciting news too! Kaiseki Sakura has contributed to this event by telling us how to make their special veggie dish. So, there will be 50 limited Kaiseki Sakura Vegetarian dish. Vegetarian folks, come early!

So, here is our most up-to-date menu line-up:

Toriten nanban 2 tickets ($10)
– fried chicken with tartar sauce, which the chef calls the ‘soul food of Oita, Japan’

Tonpei-yaki  1 ticket ($5)
– egg folded pork and veggies with sauce

Tonpei-yaki (v) 1 ticket ($5)
–egg folded veggies with sauce

Tako ball 1 ticket ($5)
– octopus dumpling, proudly from Osaka, Japan

Seaweed salad (v) 1 ticket ($5)
– everybody’s favourite

Special Veggie Dish from Kaiseki Sakura (v), Limited 50 dishes 2 ticket ($10)

Veggie assorted sushi (v) 2 tickets ($10)

Rainbow roll sushi 2 tickets ($10)

Cucumber rolls sushi 1 ticket ($5)

Kanpyo roll sushi 1 ticket ($5)
-Seasoned dried gourd roll

Beef tongue curry 2 tickets ($10)

Beef tendon bowl  2 tickets ($10)

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